Quick access: NFC Simulator application requirements , NFC HAL for Simulator module requirements


Environment for running the NFC Simulator application

The NFC Simulator application is a Win32 executable file. You will need a Win32 environment in order to run this application.

You will need a reasonably powerful machine in order to run the NFC Simulator application. A typical Desktop computer is a good example configuration.

The NFC Simulator requires the .NET Framework runtime version 3.5 to be installed. It is installed by default on Microsoft Windows Seven; but you may need to install this runtime on older versions of Windows. There are several methods to install this runtime:

You will also need to execute the Connection Center application on the same machine in order to use the NFC Simulator with Open NFC.

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Requirements for the NFC HAL for Simulator module

The NFC HAL module for Simulator implements a lightweight client for the Connection Center. It requires few resources, but TCP/IP stack must be available and an IP address must be configured on the device where Open NFC is executing. Currently, IPv6 is not supported, nor is DNS resolution.

Please note that the general requirements for NFC HAL modules portings apply to this NFC HAL module as well. You will for example have to provide some runtime functions for memory allocation, etc. The different editions (e.g., Linux Edition) provide examples of porting the NFC HAL for Simulator on different environments.

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