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Welcome to Open NFC™

Open NFC™ is a software stack implementing NFC functionalities on top of an NFC controller chipset.

Open NFC Overview

The main features are:

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What is NFC ?

The NFC — Near Field Communication — technology allows two devices to communicate over radio waves when they are in close proximity (usually less than 5 centimeters). The scope, use cases, and security considerations are therefore different from other radio-based interfaces such as Bluetooth.

NFC devices are for example NFC cards (such as transport card, payment cards), associated NFC readers, or more complex devices such as smartphones that can act both like a card, a reader, or even a combined use (peer-to-peer) in order to exchange data.

A nice feature of the NFC technology is that a card can be electrically powered from the radio field emitted by the NFC reader, without need for an external source of power.

In addition, because of the implicit security provided by the short range, the user interaction is very simple and attractive for a wide number of use-case, e.g. virtual business card exchanged by simply touching two mobile phones.

You can learn more on NFC technology on Wikipedia for example.

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